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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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7-eleven with speed and a plan. one man heading straight to the cash register and the other stands watch. almost getting into a confrontation with an angry employee. >> we were concerned about the escalation of violence. jeff: david, special agent in charge with the f.b.i. washington field office says no one has been hurt yet but the potential is there. in the past two weeks, the suspects have committed armed robberies at six different 7-eleven stores in d.c., virginia, maryland. each case happening between 1:00 and 9:00 a.m. >> they are in and out quickly. jeff: the two men seem to handle their weapons with familiarity and move with ease. >> they appear to be more calculated as opposed to being desperate individuals. jeff: three 7-elevens in the same section have been hit in the spree. >> shocked me. jeff: including this one. >> this doesn't make me feel comfortable. coming to stores like this.
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>> it's shocking and scary. i live down the street. jeff: christie is a regular customer at this 7-eleven on north kings highway. this we feel safe walking at night. but not anymore. jeff: the f.b.i. won't say how much money the criminals got away with but they can say the cash registers and the patrons inside the stores are being robbed. $10,000 reward is offered for information that will lead to the capture and the conviction of the suspect. live in the alexandria section of fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: keep your eyes open, folks. we are on storm watch as rain heads in the area. >> doug hill has a check on the evening forecast. doug? doug: hi. rain we need and rain we'll get. bits and pieces. little areas of rain across the region. doppler radar shows scattered showers over the eastern section of montgomery county west of laurel. heavier downpours out of the northern stafford county
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across the potomac into western charles county. more still across the foothills and along interstate 81. this is just the leading edge of the weather pattern here that will move in tomorrow with a better chance of more widespread showers and storms. check out the numbers. 92 at reagan national airport. 90 in many spots. with the humidity levels rising because of the increased dew point temperatures around 70 degrees. here is what it feels like in the capitol. 97. it feels like 99 in fredericksburg. 94 in frederick. satellite and radar shows the storms. budging up. they should diminish later tonight. we'll have a better chance, 80% of the possibility of rain as it forms along a cold front, especially the areas south and west. low pressure moving along the front. the whole it can andca bloodal -- kit andca kabooddle tomorrow. leon: new at 5:00, an infant
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is alive in part because firefighters refused to wait for an ambulance. this happened monday night when a mother noticed her 1-month-old child was having trouble breathing. she called 911. engine ten was the first to arrive on the scene. instead of waiting for ambulance, they rushed the child to children's medical center. thism cos less than a week after a 5-month-old child in southeast died in a similar situation. alison: new developments tonight. d.c. man has been indicted on negligent manslaughter and other charges for a crash that killed five people in oxon hill. the victim's vehicle was stopped in a left lane. kenneth kelley hit the back of their car traveling more than 70 miles per hour. police say his blood alcohol level was .14 at the time of the crash. a passenger in his car was also killed. tonight prince germ's county police are offering $25,000 reward for information after a deadly shooting early this
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morning. it was one of four in six hours. brad bell has more details. brad: a terrible night, busy night for the police. there were as you said two people shot and killed in all. four people hit. this is where one of them was. a very busy shopping center. a busy sidewalk. this morning, people on their way to the bus stop were horrified to come across a man who had been shot to death. sirens wailed across prince george's county this morning. first medic and police raced to jade court. shots fired. three are shut. a 25-year-old man who lived here is dead. he has been identified as george nathaniel sals. a second man and a woman are in critical condition. a roommate tells us off camera she saw the whole thing but has no idea why they were shot. police say the case is a mystery but they don't think
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other neighbors are in danger. detectives begin work on jay court it happens again, cooper lane in landover hills. >> there was like four shots. brad: patrol officers find a male victim lying across a sidewalk. many living nearby are stunned to see him there, too. >> it's sad. real sad. to see. brad: four people shot in six hours at a time when prince george's county depaired the uptick in crime plaguing the district in baltimore. violent crime here down 12% compared to last year when cooper lane and jade court, the stat offers little comfort today. >> it's sad. to a point now because you are scared to go out. i don't like to go out. if i don't have to go to the store or anything i'm home. brad: police have not identified the man killed here along cooper lane. we are told that in both cases, homicide detectives are still looking for leads, still looking for motives.
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still looking for suspects. landover hills, brad bell abc7 news. leon: now the new information about the massive settlement between the city of baltimore and freddie gray's family. the baltimore city board approved the $6.4 million deal this morning. jeff abel has a closer look at the deal. >> in trying to decide why the city decided to settle with freddie gray's family for $6.4 million the city makes bold statements. freddie gray died in a hospital seven days after police placed him under arrest. the events that unfolded on april 12, today cost baltimore city $6. 4 million. >> i realize money cannot bring back the loss of your son, your brother, your loved ones but i hope it will bring a measure of closure to the family and friends. reporter: brave grey's
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wrongful death -- gray's wrongful death settlement comes after federal court. >> the settlement is in the best interest of protecting taxpayers. reporter: but in gray's old neighborhood it is not about the money. >> justice has to be served. why not? they are human binges like the rest of -- human beings like the rest of us. reporter: six officers are going to stand trial. mayor says the settlement shouldn't be viewed as admission of guilt. >> we avoid the distraction of the more legal procedures going on for years after the six criminal trials are over. reporter: for why now, considering tomorrow's change of venue hearing -- >> there is never a good time in a case with pending motions and now six trials back to back. reporter: many in city hall says the settlement makes the
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most sense and brings closure to the family, community and the six officers. the fraternal order of police say the $6.4 million settlement is obscene and ridiculous. to which the mayor replied that the president should be thanking her. >> he can't do that. instead he is trying to suggest by covering the officers civilly that is in some way a disservice. if any of the officers believe they have been negatively impacted they can opt out of the settlement. reporter: in baltimore, abc7 news. alison: right now a rally is wrapping up on capitol hill opposing the iran nuclear deal. several big-name opponents took to the stage including donald trump and ted cruz. diane cho was also there and she join us now with the story of what happened today. diane: despite the sweltering heat this afternoon, it didn't stop ups of people showing up on the west lawn to support
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the tea party leaders and the pro-israel activists that were organizing the event today. took the stage saying they were invited by ted cruz that called it incompetently negotiated one. he called this the greatest threat facing america adding the hope that the democrats supporting the deal will reconsider the decision and choose saving live over the party loyalty. >> we are led by very, very stupid people. very, very stupid people. we can't let it continue. we are a country that owes $19 trillion. we lose everywhere. militarily. we can't beat isis. give me a break. diane: there were also people protesting the rally as well.
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including the group's code pink supporting the deal. we also talked to veterans that flew here to be here and support the deal as well. >> we got an opportunity to go with the community and put the checks and the balances in place. that is the best opportunity we have. >> this appears to have given the administration enough votes to sustain the veto from the president if disapproval resolution makes its way through republican congress. alison: we will delve into the deal tonight in a special up to hal meeting at sister station newschannel8. scott thuman will have a preview later for us coming up in this hour. leon: coming up at 5:00, ahead. >> that is terrorism. they are trying to frighten or
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kill somebody. leon: fear spreads after shootings along a major highway out west. alison: later, folks in another community closer to home keep the eyes peeled when they go for a walk along a popular trail. leon: a dale after being released from jail, what the court clerk had to say about returning to work. >> a move too up onionize metro riders. i'm stephen tschida. in a moment i will tell you
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alison: there are new developments today in the massive strike. a german court issued injunction to effectively end the pilots' strike. it has caused cancellation of a thousand nights. the pilots union called regular short-term strikes in the ongoing labor dispute. normal services are expected to resume, though, tomorrow. leon: they say they represent people riding the metro trains, buses and access every day. tonight the self-providers wmata rider union plans to meet for the first time. we are joined by stephen tschida. what is going on?
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stephen: some of the people are heading home, manning to get on the computers to join in on the online meeting. the discussion to go about forming this union of metro riders. passengers, delays, disruptions and confusion on metro are responding to a call to unite. >> we are trying to represent the frustrations, the opinions of the wmat ab riding public. stephen: tonight passengers believe they are a victims of a broken and dysfunctional transit system are coming together online. the quest to create a riders union. >> i think that it is a good idea. >> the idea came about after last january's tragedy near the l'enfant plaza metro station that left a woman dead. >> i'm 100% doing this because of carol glove. more people don't need to die because they are trying to get
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someone on wmata. stephen: the goal is to get a member on the metro board and push for measures to make using metro a better experience. >> it will be a good idea. we need better services with the metro. definitely. stephen: a spokesperson says since union organizers didn't reach out to them, metro doesn't have a comment. the online meeting gets underway at 7:00. if you want to join in the conversation go to reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: okay. thank you very much. well, a heads up if your travel takes you to reagan national airport in the next two days. starting tomorrow at 9:30. crews will be doing maintenance work on two bridges. connecting the airport to the george washington parkway. you can expect at least one lane of the brim connecting crystal city to the airport. to be closed. as well as a lane on the ramp
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to the southbound g.p. parkway. this work is expected to last about nine months. leon: i hate when that happens. that will be fun. alison: add time if you are going to the airport. leon: brad bell was using the umbrella out there. doug: really? leon: prince george's. doug: from washington, d.c., the last since august 1 we have had 1.16 inches of rain. that is not much. six weeks. crazy. a little bit around the area. the best chance is tomorrow. it will shut off for a few more days. this is a live look from the belle haven country club in alexandria. clouds and locally in the metro area none of the clouds are producing rain. but there is a little rain south of town as well. we have been tracking this on the doppler radar. best areas of shower over the potomac river out of prince william, quantico and east to marberry and farther south.
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we have rains. they are brief and welcome. eastern side of the eastern slope. this is an appetizer for what will come tomorrow. that will give us rain and break the heat. we hit 90 for the 52nd time this year. look at the cooer air. this is more comfortable for friday. the heat index goes, the lower heat index west of appalachians higher east. still locked in a hot and humid air mass. this is a more global view. northeast corner of the area here.
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our chances of rain go from 30% chance this evening to 80% chance of the area of rain and isolated thunderstorms tomorrow. once the front goes through it will allow drier air and cooler air to move in on friday. the big question is how far south will the front go? that is going to determine the weekend weather. that is still unsettled. let's talk about the short-term in the future cast. the best challenge of showers are west of the area. if scattered showers locally for the morning commute. by the an we have a chance of widespread rain and heavier downpours across the area till the front will move south and east by friday. friday looks great. a while ago, in the weekend, still up in the air for us.
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lingering showers. 68 to 75 by morning. for tomorrow, muggy in morning. highs are 81. this is cooler than the lower 90's again. wi have a chance of showers on saturday. chance of shower lingering to sunday morning. we hope it will clear for the redskins kickoff sundayunday afternoon. we need the rain. i'm getting so pragmatic in my old age. we need the rain. leon: we know doug loves the weather bug camera and they are great but you can be the best eyes breaking weather news. if you see it, send it to us. e-mail us any pictures and videos to alison: first, he says he wants to run 200 miles for 200 kids who cannot. >> we start talking about the children dying it will force us to look at our own
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mortality and the mortality of our own children. nobody wants to think about that. alison: find out what the virginia man hopes it will accomplish coming up. leon: we love that guy, don't we? but first. >> hi, i'm isabelle. >> i'm kay. >> i'm hope. >> i'm kathryn. we're faster! leon: too cute for your own good. this week's harris' heroes. stay with us. alison: a look at what is coming up tonight on abc.
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alison: on your side consumer alert. the kraft heinz company expanded a voluntary recall of the individually wrapped slices of american cheese. the wrapping could stick to cheese and become a choking hazard. if you want more information go to leon: every year thousands of children in the u.s. are diagnosed with cancer. for some, there is no cure. one young girl is using sports to change that. join this little girl and her
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fight against cancer called hope faster. >> i say "switch" she is going to switch. switch, switch. >> leon: 12-year-old joy demonstrates a drill. she plays competitive soccer and works out weekly with a sports trainer. >> let's go! leon:300 kids join her for the special workout. three years ago her younger sister hope was diagnosed with leukemia and that is when joy started hope faster to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. >> it's really sad and it's scary. sometimes it could be my sister. >> for her to give back and help out, this gave her a chance for her frustrations. >> she has embraced the role. she wants to work with her sister and the little kids. leon: hope is now 10. she is nearly finnished with her treatment, -- finished
5:26 pm
with her treatment she knows many aren't and she understands the important of research. her hope? >> one day, yule will have to do is -- all you will have to do is have a pill and your cancer will be gone. >> kids won't have to go through this, if we all fight together. leon: that is how the world changes. kids will make it happen. in three years since the event started hope faster tripled in size. this year's event brought in $11,500. that figure is rising all the way. all the money raised will go to pediatric cancer research. good luck, girls. alison: such smart kids. so with it. leon: amazing. i love it. alison: a wonderful story. getting enough to drink. we have a look at why there are concerns about the water supply tonight.
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leon: plus -- ♪ ♪ that sounds cool but it's not music to even's ears. sound out who is upset about the sound track when the kentucky court clerk is released from jail. >> a local forest preserve littered with crudely made traps. i'm kevin lewis with a search
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announcer: you're watching
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"abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: tonight, the search is on for the person or people leaving traps along a popular trail. this is happening in frederick county not far from fishing creek road. that is where kevin lewis is tonight with the latest here. kevin: police say the traps have been popping up on and off for three years in the woods behind me here. theory crept case have had -- recent case have sharp razors. there is concern at the fedrick watershed forest preserve. monday a hiker nearly slashed his legs on razor blades. the boards were buried in dirt. >> you could hurt kids or anybody out there. whoever is doing it, whatever they are doing it for is uncalled for. >> probably go through my
5:31 pm
shoe. >> it's located five miles north of downtown frederick. place of peace for keith lewis and his two dogs. police say the sheer size of the preserve will make enforcement tough. >> this is just to target anyone the open. you have to be a special person to do that. alison: there -- kevin: there are two motives. most people here think the perpetrator is seeking revenge for the mountain bikers but some feel bikes are causing damage to the watershed. live in frederick county, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: thank you, ketch.
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go now to the abc7 news where we have breaking news coming in right now. jonathan elias is monitoring that for us. what is going on? jonathan: a scary situation playing out right now in phoenix, arizona. this is from our sister station. this is a storage unit. there are explosions so far. we don't have injury reports but look how far back the ladder truck are shooting water on the tanks. there are other huge gas tanks sitting there. they are at risk of exploding as well. the employees have been evacuated. fire crews are not getting close but they see black smoke in phoenix area for miles. this is south of phoenix as a gas storage facility. we will keep an eye on it to let you know if there are new developments when this happens. that is loitest from the breaking news desk in the newsroom.
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jonathan elias. back to you. leon: thank you. new developments in case of a girlfriend convincing her boyfriend to commit suicide. some of text messages that michelle carter sent to her boyfriend they say she wrote, "you can't think about it. you just have to do it. you said you were going to do it. carter's lawyer is asking for the case to be dismissed saying the exchanges make it clear that roy had his mind made up to take his life and that carter didn't cause the death. alison: developing story out of kentucky. lawyers for rowen county clerk kim davis say she plans to return to work tomorrow. kim davis was released yesterday. as a condition of the release, judge ordered davis not to interfere in any way with the effort of her deputy clerk to issue mayor license to legally eligible couples. a new legal battle could be
5:34 pm
brewing after the davis support rally. the rock group survivor is thinking of sueable presidential candidate -- suing presidential candidate mike huckabee for using "eye of the tiger" without permission. a band member tweeted davis does not repect his view. the band wrote the song for the movie "rocky 3." leon: the city of alexandria won't fly the confederate flag any longer. last night they voted to ban the city from flying the flag. alexandria flown it to commemorate robert e. lee birthday and confederate memorial day. the council voted to explore whether the names of 33 streets honoring southern military leaders should now be renamed. this story generated 200 comments on the wjla facebook page. people getting worked up on this. eddie set up a firestorm writing --
5:35 pm
leon: you can join the conversation on the facebook page. alison: finally examines could soon be a thing of the past in montgomery county. how about that? the county school board voted to eliminate the end of semester exams. this comes amid the national concern about too much student testing. the toll it can take on the instructional time. the final exams make up 25% of a final grade. board is seeking input on proposal for a new grading system. the nation's capitol water
5:36 pm
supply could face stress by 2040 but no need to worry right now. existing water supplies are adequate to meet demand from the area more than 4 million residents for another 20 years. leon: once we get 20 inches of snow in the wintertime the water will go back to the ground. alison: take care of it. leon: all right. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- scott: a possible setback in the iran nuclear deal and political drama. we have it all for you. i'm scott thuman in the newsroom. the latest coming up in a bit. alison: then later, upping the ante. after a dozen highway shootings in arizona. >> new tonight at 6:00, the call for he from trekkies. why the smithsonian is opening
5:37 pm
hailing frequency in search of history. that is coming up new at
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steve: i'm steve rudin looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. 82 on saturday. we may see showers or storms. some may contain heavier downpours but by sunday a big day for the redskins football game. it starts at 1:00 in the afternoon. temperatures generally in the 70's. a good deal of sunshine but we can't rule out isolated shower. i don't think it will amount to a lot. stay with us. "abc7
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scott: we are delving into the iran nuclear deal. i'm scott thuman. we are talking about a special town hall show we will have tonight. we will give you details on that in a minute. major development in the issue. possible setback in the timing on this agreement. one that was supposed to be predictable at this point. instead now we see the timing pushed back. this is what we are talk about. centrifugescentrifuges in that d use to build nuclear weapon. overall we are talking about
5:41 pm
20,000 centrifuges of security analysts believe exist in iran. that number according to the deal would to down to 6,000. in turn the u.s. and other countries would limit economic sancts that iran has been suffering under to free up iran assets that have been frozen for a long time. we talk about those who are tapped with the decision. we have an exclueive interview with president obama. that is coming up in the special up to hall "america state of affairs." looking in the iran nuclear deal from 7:00 to 8:00 on the newschannel8. online streaming as well. we hope y will join us tonight for that special. back to you. leon: thank you so much. alison: coming up at 5:00 -- >> i'm trying to replicate a
5:42 pm
struggle. the pain. the reality. alison: first it was 100. now he is aiming for 200. the next chapter in the incredible story next. leon: you may have witnessed the end of the nationals' postseason hopes last night. look at how they will plan to bounce back tonight. ahead in sports.
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alison: tattoo tom mitchell is at it again. we first brought you a springfield, virginia, man remarkable story last year. he ran 100 miles for 100 children with cancer. now he is racing 200 miles. our own jay korff is telling his incredible story. jay: tom mitchell renowned for the ymriad of tattoos. beyond the realm of reality. >> we talk about the children dying and this force us to look at our own mortality.
5:46 pm
jay: last year he finished a marathon to raise awareness for the cancer and the foundation. he lost his daughter to cancer in 2009. this is life saving medicine we call it medicine in my daughter's life and cure cancer and save her life. i stopped her heart. jay: he will have four days to complete 200-mile race. circumnavigating lake tahoe. >> i'm trying to replicate the pain, reality of childhood cancer. the non-profit provides nonmedical needs like rent and groceries to the families who get married under mounting medical bills. a toy -- >> you'll get wet. >> temporary tattoo will go a
5:47 pm
long way to help child in turmoil. in late august he read the names of all the kids he is running for. this mother from manassas said the chemo that was designed to cure her daughter ayery took the life of the 2-1/2-year-old. >> i miss my daughter. >> mitchell never knows when a home visits is his last. the treatment meant to save sammy and dammed -- damaged the heart beyond repair. >> he can't even be on the list so he has come home.
5:48 pm
he has come home to die. jay: so tom mitchell runs so families like sammy will some day have hope where now there is very little. jay korff. abc7 news. alison: abc7 news will be there every step of the way. jay will be the only reporter there and will provide updates from september 11-15. leon: we remember seeing him at the end of the 100-miler. he looked like he couldn't take another step. and to double it and at altitude. alison: but when you see the faces of the kids. we wish him luck. leon: see how it is playing out on the roads. jamie sullivan is on traffic
5:49 pm
watch. jamie: this is not great in some areas. we have disabled to the side. because this is not blocking lanes the traffic gets by without too much of an issue. we have volume. let's move to the maps. some spots drop to 10 miles per hour. that is as you get closer to the g.w. parkway. to maryland we have volume closer to the 270 spur. if you get to montgomery county. gaithersburg to german town typical volume on 270. the traffic in virginia, outbound on 66. there are no big crashes now. that is a good way to end the community. leon: on the other out there complicating the ride home. alison: hot and sticky and a few showers.
5:50 pm
doug: this is more comfortable by the time we roll into friday. but we're not there yet. we are watching the range across the southern section of the viewing area. heavy showers that move across the charles county. moving north another. a few more showers here and there for the evening. believe it or not, better chances of shower and storm come through the area tomorrow with a cold front coming through the area. the heaviest downpour now. the heat index is a problem here. the humidity levels are high. before the drier air on friday we have more showers and much needed downpours across the area. we will get them tomorrow. they will continue to move northeast ahead of the cold
5:51 pm
front. that is what we find here. lingering showers sunday before the beautiful weather returns next week. the arlington 9/11 memorial 5k on n crystal city on saturday. chance of isolated thunderstorms. jumping ahead to sunday for the redskins at fedex. there could be lingering showers through midday. partly sunny and 70's for the games. that is how it is looking. alison: erin is back with us today. we introduced her to everyone yesterday. but now she is here at 5:00. leon: now you're official. erin: thank you. thank you. now i'm with you phis. leon: what's cooking? erin: this is a busy week. nationals looking to bounce
5:52 pm
back. looking to blow a sweep. the nats are back on the field to put the embarrassing loss behind them after the bullpen crumbled. the players were not talkative today in the media availability. but the manager matt williams commented on the scrutiny from the fans. >> it is never any fun. i can tell you that. if i know anything about our group. or if i know anything about myself personally, when times are difficult you put your head down and go. you don't have a choice in this game. let her fly. that's what we do. erin: the redskins back on the field today to get ready for the dolphins sunday.
5:53 pm
by the way, jay gruden said that rgiii still hasn't been cleared. we have more on the redskins and hear from starting quarterback cousins coming up at 6:00. we want to leave you with this. this is the story that even is talking about. the epic match between the williams sisters at the u.s. open. venus was the sentimental favorite but her younger sister serena who walked away victorious. she sent out this picture. froing up. a cute picture. she said she has my heard. memory make my heart fill with more joy than i can express. lifetime with venus williams will not be enough. that victory leaves her two wins shy of a calendar grand slam which hasn't been done since 1988. leon: way overdue. if anyone can do it, it's her. erin: absolutely. leon: none of my kids would have done that.
5:54 pm
alison: thank you. all right. well, moving on now. reign of terror taking hold in arizona. leon: when we come back latest on scary series of highway shootings n
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
alison: now a developing story out of arizona where federal agents are teaming up with state law enforcement officials to investigate a series of shootings. targeting drivers. right on the highway in phoenix. brandi hitt has more on what some officials are calling domestic terrorism. brandi: the late west the projectile along i-10. thback window shattered. they are investigating this case with the nine shooting incidents in the last ten days. >> this is terrorism. they are trying to frighten or kill somebody. brandi: it started off i-10
5:58 pm
the major thoroughfare through phoenix, arizona. on tuesday, the off-duty police officer window struck. the box truck also hit. before that, a bullet went through the windshield injuring a 13-year-old girl. the tours but was also targeted. a bullet hit a seat. narrowly missing the bus driver who was the only winging on board. -- only one on board. >> almost took me from my family. >> i don't if is a copy calt or mult approximately people -- multiple people. different times of the day. >> that is what scares people the most. brandi: police are asking for drivers' help to report anyone or anything suspicious. police investigate whether it was a criminal act. the football association says it wants to make sure the students never play football
5:59 pm
again. abc7 news. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- the moment firefighters took matters in their own hands as a child struggled to breathe. where a hiker found razor booby trap on a popular walking trail. planned parenthood facing criticism over the geography. the site that is stirring controversy. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now with breaking news. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. leon: that is coming from phoenix where there is an explosion and fire at a storage facility. it's not clear what is inside the tanks burping there. we are told employees have been evacuated from the scene. we have no report of injuries. we will continue to track the story as it develops and keep
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you posted right here. maureen? maureen: it has happened again. child having breathing problems needing an ambulance. and d.c. firefighters forced to use their fire engine to rush the child to the hospital. sam ford is outside the headquarters. how is the child? sam: the 1-month-old infant is fine. but on monday evening he gave his mother a scare as well as members of a fire company who did not want to risk waiting for an ambulance to arrive. eng gin ten is known as one of the busiest fire companies in america. monday evening they were a medical transport for a month-old baby in the 5,000 block of hunt place northeast who was having trouble breathing. >> his eyes were wide open. white stuff out of his mouth. sam: afraid for the baby she called 911. they instructed her in


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